AWS Ambassador Summit 2022 – Seattle Global Meetup

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The AWS Ambassador Program is a global program where technical experts from AWS Partners develop publicly consumable content, including technical whitepapers, blogs, webinars, and contributions to open-source projects to evangelise AWS and their Partner Organisations.

Each AWS Ambassador has multiple advanced certifications, from  Professional level certifications to Speciality certifications. The average number of certifications for the ambassadors is over 5 certifications each.

This year I was privileged to attend the Global Summit in AWS’s offices in Seattle, where we had 3 days to meet other ambassadors and key contacts in AWS and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions from all of the speakers.



Over the course of the Summit, we were treated to a number of great sessions from great speakers from within AWS. Some of my favourites included:

  • Security – Jon Ramsey (VPO, AWS External Security Services)

Jon’s talk on external security and what AWS is doing in this field was fascinating. He brought up a number of examples, including code hidden inside images and how it was encoded, which were especially interesting. Also, some really interesting information about OCSF, the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (

  • Engineering/Robotics by Bill Vass (VP of Engineering/Robotics)

Bill’s talk was wide-ranging, touching on everything from Astro, to Quantum Computing (including explaining how Quantum Computing works using Quantum Entanglement), through to Imaging, the AWS Snowcone that was recently sent to the International Space Station and lots more. Truly a fascinating talk.

  • EQ – Supercharge your Success by Rich Hua (Head EPIC Leadership Program)

This talk by Rich probably surprised me the most with what I took from it, Rich’s talk on Emotional and Social Intelligence and the impact of emotion in the workplace (Not just as a one-off, but how emotion impacts almost everything). I’ve taken a number of his book recommendations, and I’m working my way through them (

  • Control Tower by Matt Yanchyshyn (GM AWS Control Services)

Matt’s talk on Control Tower and the AWS Account process, in general, was a great look into how AWS is evolving Account Set up and Security and what AWS is looking to do to make the whole process smoother and more application-aware. I’ll be looking forward to any announcements at re:Invent for more on this.

  • Containers/Serverless – Deepak Sing (VP of Computer Services)

Deepak had a wide-ranging talk on all things containers and Lambda and really dove deep into where the current aims of AWS are in terms of how people run containers and serverless code. Some interesting developments.

  • Culture of Innovation – Stephen Brozovich (Principal Evangelist)

Stephen’s talk on the culture of Amazon and AWS really gave an insight into how AWS works and touched on areas like the Leadership Principles and how AWS goes about applying them in various situations.

Lightning Talk

I also did a lightning talk (a 10-minute talk on any subject) at the Ambassador Summit titled The Shift Towards Architectural Abstraction, talking about services such as CDK, AWS SAM, and approaches such as Service Catalog and pre-built CloudFormation templates that can be used to reduce the complexity of deploying architecture to AWS, by providing an abstraction layer that allows for simplified setup and delivery, while not losing any of the power and flexibility of AWS. AWS Amplify is another great example of this, where setting up a website backend is simplified, but you still retain all of the power of the entire AWS set of products.