Day 3 at re:Invent 2022

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Onto Wednesday at re:Invent, with the main focus of today being the ML Keynote and the AWS Partner Keynote.

The ML Keynote had a number of different services aimed at reducing the time to take data between systems, such as auto loading from S3

Another announcement that caught my eye was Guardduty support for RDS protection which will help protect databases in the same way GuardDuty protects EC2 at the moment.

The Partner Keynote had a number of great announcements, including Vendor Insights, to show Marketplace Users what is being bought through their offerings and provide more insights into Marketplace sales.

Also, a new visualisation dashboard:

As well as new Data Exchange tools for Lake Formation and S3 to get easier access to marketplace data.

The keynote itself was good, with a DJ set up before hand, and the seating for AWS Ambassadors was really good.


Next up, Day 4, with Werner Vogts keynote and some great announcements that I’m eager to get hands on with.