Day 4 at re:Invent 2022

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Today is the last full day of re:Invent, and there have been some fascinating announcements and experiences on day 4 for me.

Starting off early with Wegner Vogel’s keynote, which was funny and powerful. Some amazing announcements made there, including Step Functions Distributed Workloads for running EMR jobs via step functions.

Then the next big announcement was Application Composer, which is a visual Serverless Application authoring tool, that looks really easy to use and powerful.

Next up was Code Catalyst, which looks to take a way a lot of the pain with creating development and to bring together various tools, both AWS and external and make developing applications much easier.

(It was quite funny after this announcement in the keynote going into the expo and seeing AWS team members with CodeCatalyst t-shirts already on, I can just imagine them waiting to switch over to them once it went live).

Eventbridge Pipes was another amazing tool that I’ll really need to get my hands dirty with soon. It’s taking the same concept as Unix Pipes, where you have bits of software that work together in a chain to produce a result (like piping the output of a cat command to grep, then to sort and uniq etc) and applying that to AWS services. So taking the output of a lambda, manipulating it, then maybe getting unique entries, then storing that in a dynamodb table. So much of the glue work that Lambda currently does could be replaced by this service.


I then went around the expo some more and ran into an S3 Bucket:


As well as seeing some AWS Hardware, including an outpost, 2 racks, a Snowball Edge and a Snow cone (inside the rack on the right of the Edge):

Time now for some fun with AWS re:Play!