Gain business and technical competitive advantage with AWS Serverless computing - Focus on innovation, not operating servers.

Get faster time to market and reduce infrastructure costs by eliminating server management.

CirrusHQ will help you leverage AWS serverless computing to build scalable, high availability applications for your customers faster.

CirrusHQ provide organizations with the building blocks to develop and run serverless applications on the AWS Cloud. By using AWS’s serverless platform, organisations can eliminate the time and expense associated with provisioning and managing servers, including patching and configuration, administering databases, installing security updates, scaling, etc.

This enables organisations to improve their operational efficiency, refocus engineering resources on product innovation, and establish faster time-to-market.

What are the Benefits of Serverless Applications on AWS?

By focusing on product development, not server management with serverless architecture offers you four main benefits:

NO SERVER MANAGEMENT – There is no need to provision or maintain any servers. There is no software or runtime to install, maintain, or administer.

FLEXIBLE SCALING  – Your application can be scaled automatically or by adjusting its capacity through toggling the units of consumption, rather than units of individual servers.

HIGH AVAILABILITY – Serverless applications have built-in availability and fault tolerance, eliminating the need for you to architect these capabilities.

NO IDLE CAPACITY – You don’t pay for idle capacity. There is no need to pre- or over-provision capacity for things like compute and storage.

What are Serverless Applications?

Whether you’re building an API or real-time data processing backend, serverless computing allows you to build and run applications without thinking about servers. There is no need to provision, scale, or manage any servers. Fully managed services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Step Functions, and Amazon API Gateway can be used together to build virtually any application or backend with high availability and automatic scaling built-in.

With serverless computing, you can better serve your end customers by focusing on product innovation and business value instead of managing infrastructure. Serverless applications also enable faster time-to-market and reduce your infrastructure costs.

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learn more about serverless computing on AWS

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As AWS Serverless Specialists, CirrusHQ’s expertise will help you get to market faster and reduces infrastructure costs with a focus in Lambda, AWS API Gateway and AWS DynamoDB.

Provide services and tools that help you build or migrate solutions to a microservices-based, serverless architecture, without having to worry about provisioning or managing servers

AWS API Gateway
Fully managed service to create, maintain, and secure APIs at any scale

AWS DynamoDB
Key-value and document database for low-latency data access at any scale


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