As the only UK AWS Consulting Partner with its Education Certification, CirrusHQ is the expert for AWS cloud implementation in education.

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CirrusHQ is the first and only UK Consulting Partner to hold the AWS Education Competency and the Well-Architected Framework certification. We were awarded this prestige for continually demonstrating our commercial acumen in AWS education through multiple reference customers in the education sector. From entry level schools to higher education and home-learning, our unique technical skillsets across multiple cloud technology areas allow us to deliver an unparalleled service to educational institutions looking to build their own Cloud Centre of Excellence.

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The education sector is under mounting pressure to reduce its IT spend without impacting services, especially during key periods like exams. This demands a flexibility that traditional platforms simply cannot deliver. Learning establishments also undertake a wide variety of tasks that demand technical breadth, implementing new processes in traditional IT platforms is both expensive and time consuming. And finally, security – all institutes hold significant amounts of highly sensitive data that must be secured – the cloud offers a solution. Unlocking advanced AWS analytics gives you the ability to track student performance and key indicators – enabling truly personalised learning.

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Founded on the mission of offering user-friendly, agile development through an expertly integrated and optimised AWS platform, our education solutions are designed to cover the individual needs of an institution. Whether you need services, tools, content and reporting, at Cirrus HQ, we provide educational establishments optimised cloud centres that are secure, reliable, recoverable, scalable, but also cost-effective. After all, what’s the point in a transformative platform if it doesn’t fit an IT budget? We help schools, higher education and home-learning providers move away from steep upfront CapEx models to affordable OpEx models.

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As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS Education Competency, we provide leadership on best practice cloud infrastructure. This includes cloud migration, cost management, automation, optimisation and operation, as well as security governance policies. Our in depth experience in the education sector gives us a unique understanding of the challenges, demands and increasing pressures that institutions are facing. But we know first-hand the huge potential that AWS cloud deployments offer. It’s our job to bring affordable, optimised AWS cloud services that enable the education sector to learn, research and pioneer new breakthroughs.

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SafeGuard your Education and Research Data

Attacks on the education sector have increased dramatically over recent years with on-premise IT infrastructure once considered security best practise, now compromised on a frequent basis.

For Education institutions and researchers, SafeGuard is a tailored end-to-end solution to ensure your data is backed up to AWS – secure, and recoverable to protect from attacks and to maintain business continuity.

  • Make your data immutable and secure with rapid recovery, whatever the size of data.
  • Apply protection to mitigate against malicious attacks and threats.
  • Easily integrate the cloud as a seamless and secure extension of your on-premises and legacy environments.



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Case Studies


Case study template - Notts College

AWS and CirrusHQ transform a Cyber-Attack into a positive outcome for Nottingham College.

Case study overview About Nottingham College Nottingham College is one of the largest further education and higher education colleges in…

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How The University of Westminster utilised Amazon AppStream 2.0 to securely deliver graphical compute-intense courses remotely – CirrusHQ

CHALLENGE: The University of Westminster has three main campuses in central London and a student base of around 20,000. The…

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Taking the collections of Oxford University’s museums online

Oxford University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) engaged CirrusHQ to create an AWS-hosted solution with a fully automated Continuous Integration…

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Enabling data insights across education platforms in the UK schools market

Oxford University Press (OUP) has four very successful Education Platforms in the UK schools market. All these platforms were built on,…

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Automating the provisioning of Education Services

Avallain is a highly successful development company solely focused on delivering the highest quality digital solutions for Education worldwide. Within their…

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