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As certified AWS Public Sector Partners and Solution Providers, we deliver scalable, secure and innovative solutions to the public sector – including charity, and non-profit organisations – that elevate services to the public.

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Organisations in the public sector are looking to the cloud so they can access its scalability and security, flexibility and agility, as well as its cost efficiency compared with expensive traditional infrastructures. But migrating to the cloud comes with its own set of risks, especially when approached unknowingly – this can range from a loss of intellectual property to serious compliance infractions. That’s where we come in. Always ahead for our customers, we provide a certified AWS service that takes on the risk of public cloud adoption, so you don’t have to. Instead, you can focus on empowering your services with all the benefits of the AWS cloud while saving money as well as elevating and protecting public data.


The public sector in the UK – whether that is Central or Local Government, education, healthcare, the emergency services or non-profit organisations – is urgently seeking to transform existing legacy infrastructures. In many cases, it wants to improve the citizen experience by delivering slicker access to core services, often via mobile apps. However, this modernisation must be achieved in the face of tight cost constraints and the ever-present need to ensure the integrity of critical citizen data. Good governance is therefore essential as the public sector strives to deliver outcomes that reinvent service delivery – on time and on budget.

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Public Cloud platforms, such as AWS, are ideally placed to address these seemingly conflicting concerns. They eliminate the need to buy and maintain infrastructure and provide a tight correlation between cost and performance. They also enable deployment of agile development techniques that accelerate innovation through rapid iteration of new services and can provide ‘stateless’ services that secure personal data. A Forrester Report for AWS found that ‘cloud technologies are considered “important” or “extremely important” to facilitating most key initiatives that governments are undertaking’.

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CirrusHQ is one of the UK’s leading cloud specialists and has achieved AWS’s coveted Public Sector and Well-Architected accreditations. With its pure focus on – and fifteen years’ experience of – the Amazon cloud, CirrusHQ supports modernisation efforts by taking advantage of the greater scalability, agility, security and connectivity offered by AWS, with pricing models that are ideally suited to limited budgets. CirrusHQ works with its public sector customers to define objectives, design target architectures and manage and continually monitor cloud-based workloads to ensure the optimum balance between cost, performance and security.

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