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CirrusHQ currently work with customers providing solutions for or within Education. All these solutions are built on and using AWS services. We offer AWS consultancy and currently we’ve help education customers with their DevOps requirements. CirrusHQ operate as AWS experts in:

  • architecture design
  • development
  • deployment
  • monitoring
  • support
  • maintenance

CirrusHQ have helped and worked on many types of education solutions including, platforms, services, tools, content, and reporting. The skills provided to education customers ensure their solutions are:

  • secure
  • performant
  • reliable
  • recoverable
  • scalable
  • cost effective

CirrusHQ is a proud member of UCISA, a member-led professional body for digital practitioners within education. We are driving our efforts to ensure digital practices on AWS are the best they can be for educational institutions or providers of solutions and services for educators, students, or administrators.

CirrusHQ take an active role within the teams and projects of the customers in order to build up knowledge about your progression on AWS to ensure we deliver the best possible infrastructure. We can also help with costs and as an AWS reseller we can find an approach that supports your requirements to ensure that Capex to Opex isn’t a blocker from using AWS services.

Our team of AWS qualified experts can help extend your internal teams to keep momentum to delivering your workloads on AWS. We can provide this using automation via infrastructure as code, which can speed up all aspects of delivery and support. In addition, we believe, like AWS, that security is paramount, and therefore we provide strong security governance and policies, as well as aligning to any set out from our customers.

We care deeply about education, the positive impact of technology, and utilising AWS to leverage this as a seamless approach for educators and learners.

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