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CirrusHQ is proud to be the first and only UK-headquartered company to be listed under consulting services for the AWS Education Competency. To gain this prestigious accolade, we have demonstrated to AWS that we have commercial acumen in education, via multiple reference customers in the sector. We have also demonstrated significant technical skillsets across multiple cloud technology areas relevant to education.

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If you are in education, or operate in the education sector, CirrusHQ is uniquely placed to help you on your cloud journey.


Education Sector Cloud Drivers

Educational institutions face the following key issues that motivate them to migrate to cloud:

  • Save Money – in the era of austerity, there is constant pressure to reduce spend in IT services.
  • Seasonality – the education calendar is highly seasonal, with influx/outflux of new students too.
  • Scalability – key periods, like exams and matriculation, need significantly more resources.
  • Security – they hold significant amounts of personal and research data they must protect.
  • Dispersed Groups – educators, staff and students are distributed over a large geographical area.
  • Flexibility – they undertake a wide variety of tasks requiring considerable technical breadth.


CirrusHQ Education Solutions

Our education solutions help to enable all the above cloud needs. We cover essential areas including platforms, services, tools, content and reporting. Our approach is to help the educational institution to build their own Cloud Centre of Excellence so that they can leverage the true benefits of the AWS cloud.

CirrusHQ designs cloud services for education that are:

  • Secure
  • Performant
  • Reliable
  • Recoverable
  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective


Additional Education Sector Engagement

CirrusHQ is a proud member of UCISA, a member-led professional body for digital practitioners within education.


Within UCISA, we take an active lead in helping its members to understand the art of the possible with AWS cloud deployments in education. The areas where we provide thought leadership and guidance include:

  • Infrastructure best practices
  • Migration to cloud considerations
  • Cost management – capex to open
  • Automation via infrastructure-as-code
  • Ongoing optimisation and operation
  • Security governance policies

We take considerable pride in our work with the great seats of learning in the UK. Cloud technology can have a powerful impact on how we work, learn, research and pioneer new breakthroughs in all practice areas.


We are pleased to leverage AWS to help educators and learners on their pathways to knowledge. So if you are looking for a partner to help you to leverage the AWS public cloud to transform your business, then talk to CirrusHQ today.