Your AWS Immersion Day

Learn how AWS Services can unlock your organisations potential and leverage the value of the cloud

AWS Immersion Day

A customizable and hands-on AWS experience to accelerate your organisation’s potential to leverage the cloud

An Immersion day is a customizable and hands-on AWS experience delivered by our UK leading Solutions Architects at CirrusHQ. Learn the latest concepts and understand a broad and deep set of AWS services that can help your organisation build and deliver intelligent solutions – quickly and securely.


  • How to innovate faster, reduce costs and operate more securely with AWS
  • Align your organisation to industry best practice
  • Get hands-on experience with core AWS services
  • Access to highly certified AWS architects and engineers

How an AWS Immersion Day can support your organisation?

Immersion Days are created by AWS and delivered by CirrusHQ plus with no attendee limit is ideal for a mix of your business and technical teams. Your team will be guided on how to use the AWS Cloud in practice with a series of presentations and workshops for your particular use cases.

During this event, you are provided with a range of modules and labs that can be used for additional learning.

AWS Immersion Day

Immersion Day Process

Flexibly plan your day; from a lunch and learn; to a fully day of activities

Consultation with CirrusHQ >

Work with our Immersion Day specialist on aligning the Immersion Day with your organisation’s needs.

Select a solution & audience size >

A single or combination of solutions can be covered plus invite as many attendees as you wish.

Workshop >

Hands-on tailored experience delivered by Certified CirrusHQ Immersion Day Specialists (Typical Immersion Day duration up to 8 hour session).

Follow Up

Outcome review with CirrusHQ (plus value satisfaction feedback)

AWS Immersion Day workshop topics

These can cover many AWS solution areas such as:

Introduction to AWS
An introduction to the AWS cloud, cloud security concepts, and architectural best practices.

Security and Compliance
Engage your key security stakeholders in a conversation on how cloud security works on AWS.

Database Migration
Learn how you can migrate databases quickly and securely with minimal downtime using AWS Database Migration Service.

Serverless Computing
Move from traditional server-based setup to more sophisticated and higher level manages services.

Serverless Data Lake
Learn how you ingest, store, transform and create insights on data using AWS serverless services. You will learn how to build a cloud-native, serverless data lake architecture.



Discover the vast array of opportunities of using Containers in AWS. Learn how you can securely run, orchestrate, and manage containers in a flexible way.

EC2 Spot Immersion Day
Learn how Amazon EC2 Spot Instances let you take advantage of unused EC2 capacity in the AWS cloud.

Landing Zone Immersion Day
How AWS Landing Zone can help you more quickly set up a secure, multi-account AWS environment based on AWS best practices.

DevOps Immersion Day
Demonstrate the DevOps capabilities and features of AWS to understand the strategies, tools, and skills to build secure, automated cloud environments leveraging Infrastructure as code (IaC).