Well Architected Reviews

CirrusHQ are delighted to announce that we have achieved Well Architected Partner Status with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Well Architected reviews allow businesses that operate workloads in AWS to undertake a structured deep-dive review of their workloads led by CirrusHQ AWS Professionally Certified Solutions Architects and Well Architected Ambassadors, that assesses the performance of the AWS environment and ensures that they meet business goals.

Why undertake a review?

Running your business is your priority – and often the technical platform may have grown and been developed to support those priorities, but not have had a detailed review or health check. AWS is also a complex and sophisticated service: and you may not have the in-house skills to ensure you are making effective use of it.

What are the benefits of CirrusHQ undertaking a Well Architected review for you?

  • Performance: ensuring your workload is running optimally and resources are optimised
  • Reliability: preventing business impact from failures, and quickly recovering from a disruption
  • Security: protecting your critical systems and information, and ensuring the integrity of your data
  • Cost: controlling, optimising and analysing your spend: so your business can scale and understand your AWS spend
  • Operational Excellence: confirming your platform is complying with best practice, AWS design principles are being followed and that the right monitoring is in place to allow for continuous improvement

How does the review work?

  • Stage 1: Scoping: CirrusHQ will work with you to identify your workloads and agree on the scope of our engagement and the stakeholders that will be involved, and the timeline.
  • Stage 2: Review Workshop: working with you and the CirrusHQ experts, we will meet (online or in-person) to undertake a review of your business objectives in relation to the workload and begin the deep-dive assessment of the platform.
  • Stage 3: Short Term Action Plan: CirrusHQ will meet with you and prepare a report which will highlight recommendations that can be implemented within the Well Architected review.
  • Stage 4: Long Term Recommendations: CirrusHQ will provide a report giving a detailed review against the Well Architected framework and providing recommendations for further improvements.

Cost of the Review?

AWS are currently offering a scheme that allows you to have these reviews conducted at no cost to you based on 3 days of consultancy. CirrusHQ can guide you further as to how this scheme operates.

Interested in discussing further?