We strive to know everything about AWS. Our certified engineers, our depth of experience and our uncommon certifications make us the experts in navigating the nuances of the Amazon Cloud so we can help you build a better business.

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CirrusHQ works with organisations whose core business relies on an IT platform and who are like us: always looking ahead to make the necessary smart and innovative decisions. The demand for flexible, hyperscale cloud services isn’t slowing down: every day, more businesses are moving their services to the cloud and they all have to consider their security, efficiency, resilience and performance – both during and after their migration. For that journey, you need the right expert. Because we’ve been working with AWS since its inception, our end-to-end expertise enables us to deliver the right balance of expert advice, cloud security and affordability that works for you.


Cloud migration presents its own set of challenges for businesses. These include maintaining security and compliance across wide IT estates, managing spending, ensuring performance as well as the demand for new expertise and skillsets. The attractions of the cloud are clear: unrivalled scalability; agile DevOps practices; automation, and accelerated time-to-market. But for customers who’ve never undertaken cloud migration, this can be a challenge in its own right. CirrusHQ was born in the AWS Cloud; we design, deliver and support your AWS solutions – a fully managed cloud. Maximising the capabilities and features of your cloud while meeting your bespoke security needs.

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It starts with expertise. Our partnership with AWS allows us to develop relationships of our own — with our customers. We work with businesses to help them understand the industry best practices and deliver cloud migration considerations, automation via infrastructure-as-code, governance policies and evolving optimisation. With CirrusHQ, you get access to our unique insights, find the balance that works with your budget and transform your business processes with agile DevOps practices – all while meeting even the most stringent of security requirements. This way, you can maximise the performance and cost-efficiency of your AWS services and achieve your goals faster.

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