The Well-Architected Review

An AWS Well-Architected Review from CirrusHQ can help identify cost savings, improve application performance, and reduce security risks in your AWS environment.


We understand that staying up to date with the pace of AWS innovation can be a challenge and requires expert knowledge and a set of best practices to get the most out of your architecture.

Our AWS Certified Solutions Architects and Well-Architected Ambassadors leverage their expertise to undertake a deep-dive review into the performance of your existing AWS workloads. We then recommend how these workloads can be re-architected so that they adhere to best practices and meet your business goals.

From this we develop an action plan with you, to carry out recommended remediations.  Once a plan is agreed we will also assist you in applying for $5000 of AWS service credits from AWS* to offset against the costs of CirrusHQ carrying out the improvement or remediation work.

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Perhaps you haven’t carried out a health-check of your workloads since they were launched (AWS recommends you conduct a review every 12-18 months). Maybe you want to take advantage of one or more of the hundreds of services AWS introduce every year – services your in-house teams may not yet be able to deploy. Or, maybe you think your workloads are costing more than they should and are looking for better value for your spend. Whatever the reason, the Review can create a business case for re-architecting your workloads and can revolutionise how the AWS Cloud works for you.

If you’re interested in a free Well-Architected Review, done by the first and only UK-based Consulting Partner to hold the Well-Architected Framework certification as well as the AWS Education Competency, then contact us now so we can arrange a time that best suits you to discuss this further.

Download “5 reasons you need a Well-Architected Review“.

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Well Architected - Transformative Results

Why CirrusHQ should deliver your Well-Architected Review

We are a 100% exclusively AWS cloud business, enabling us to have a broad
and deep expertise while our high customer rating – NPS score +78 shows we
care about our customers and provide excellent service. Also with 14 years
experience architecting solutions with DevOps, Managed Cloud, Migration to
AWS, CI/CD it enables our teams to have the widest experience and skill to
support you through Well-Architected Review’s and, if needed, beyond.

  Delivered over 70+ Well-Architected Reviews

  Identified over 2,000+ Well-Architected Review High Risk Issues

  Over 2,400 hours of Reviews

  50 + accreditations between our Engineering Teams

CirrusHQ are highly certified as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Well-Architected Framework Certified.


Our experts review your workloads against five pillars:

Performance Efficiency ensures your workload is running optimally

Reliability minimises business impact from failures and enables rapid recovery from incidents

Security protects critical systems and ensures data integrity

Cost Optimisation controls and analyses costs so you can scale your business whilst having full transparency of your AWS spend

Operational Excellence confirms your platform complies with best practice and AWS design principles and that the right monitoring is in place to allow for continuous improvement.

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We will help you identify workloads to be reviewed from simple static websites to complex microservices architectures with multiple data stores and many components.
30 mins

A report is produced aligning the workload with AWS best practices. Items are categorised as Critical, Needs Improvement or Meets Best Practice along with an action plan of all remediation.
8–16 hours

We will work with you to develop an action plan, to carry out recommended remediations.  We will also assist you in applying for $5000 of AWS service credits from AWS* to offset against the costs of CirrusHQ carrying out the improvement or remediation work.

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CirrusHQ’s unrivalled experience of AWS, our focus on the platform and the numerous certifications we have achieved
makes us ideally placed to carry out the Well-Architected Review. If you are interested in discussing further, then contact us
and we will arrange for one of our Professionally Certified AWS Solutions Architects to discuss your workload and objectives.

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*Terms and Conditions

As a certified AWS Well-Architected Review Partner

  • CirrusHQ will work with you to identify the selected production workload(s) eligible for the program.
  • We will then undertake a Well-Architected Review of the eligible workload(s), and provide a report of the findings based on the Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) model.
  • This report identifies areas of high and medium risk as measured against the AWS Well-Architected Framework Lens, and the recommended improvement or remediation items identified in the eligible workload(s).
  • We will assist you in applying for $5000 of AWS service credits from AWS to offset against the costs of CirrusHQ carrying out the improvement or remediation work.
  • There must be a minimum of 25% of high risk items remediated to be eligible for program funding.